When you look at a map of Italy you can easily find the region of the MONFERRATO by taking the triangle Milano - Torino - Genova and locating it at the centre of this triangle. All of the three above mentioned cities can be comfortably reached in 45 to 70 minutes either on the highway or state-owned streets - you can find an airport in all three cities.

Our province's capital is Asti. Not far away from here there are the typical italian small towns Nizza Monferrato, Canelli, Santo Stefano Belbo etc.. Their names might not sound familiar to you, but they are locations of the well-known italian wine, champagne and vermouth producers like Gancia, Riccadonna, Bersano, Martini, Cinzano etc. which are important in the whole world. The well-known cities of Alessandria, Alba ( truffle market), Aquitherme, Neive (Grappa Levi) etc. are located 15 to 30 minutes by car from the location of our house. Especially the numerous, old villages on wonderfully formed hill chains with their dreamlike beautiful view and the infrastructure of the typical north italian economy structure are worth mentioning. Often those villages include post offices, banks, churches, little stores, restaurants and "trattorie" etc..



Landscape - climate - population

The landscape forms a mild wide spanned hill landscape with vineyards as far as you can see. This is undoubtfully Italy's most important and beautiful wine region. A capillar net of smaller and bigger asphalt streets without traffic jams connects cities and villages on the hills.

The climate has a mediterranean and mild character which is influenced by the close Mediterranean Sea (30 km as the crow flies). Winter is short and there are some cold nights in January and February where the tempurature gets below 0°C. Spring and fall are very nice, long and warm. Summer, especially the month of July, is hot and dry though with a nice breeze on the hills.

The population's origin is celtic. The celts did produce wine here as early as 1500 B.C. People in this area are friendly, open-minded and helpful, yet not obtrusive. The rural hardworking population consisting mostly of proud wine makers lives in a special joie de vivre. Since there has not been feudalism here, compared with the south of Italy, people did not leave the rural areas. There is no big industry in this region and no proleteriat. Everybody knows everybody and there is no crime and no mafia.

People speak a special dialect that began in the shared history of the Provence and the South Piedmont. It has been an old french "Patois de Langue d'Oc". Today there are still common things as living shows in culture and cooking for example.

The wonderful and many-sided food in the Monferrato has it's accent on the almost infinite number of delicate warm and cold hors d'oeuvre. The famous white truffle, the most valuable and expensive one, has it's home here. Close to our house you find many of the well-known gourmet restaurants visited by people from Torino, Genova, Mailand and abroad.

Fortunately our Monferrato is still mostly unknown to foreign mass tourism. Italians from the North Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria have always appreciated and loved it and have owned their lovely "cascina" here.



Location of our winery

Lying in a wonderful hill and panorama position our cascina is located between the cities of Agliano Terme, Nizza Monferrato and Canelli, Italy's most important wine and champagne area.

You will find our house not isolated, but hidden with a private drive way. All rooms face southwards and offer a beautiful view. It belongs to a village on top of a hill with a castle, originating from the Romans.

The closest possibility to visit an excellent restaurant is in 5 minutes by car, the next in 8 minutes etc... and there are many possibilities to shop for keen cooks - for example in the vivid markets of the surrounding villages. At this point we would like to mention the book PIEDMONT and AOSTA by Martina Meuth und Bernd Neuner-Duttenhofer that describes some of the area's restaurants more detailed. The silent village with it's castle and it's passionate Boccia players seems to be in a different world and you cannot find any tourist. Also all of our neighbours are Italians.



The house

The house is a long-stretched old farm from the 18th century built in the typical piemontesian style. This means that living as well as working rooms in which the wine is produced are all under one roof, with the beautiful old "Coppi" on the roof. The house has thick old walls keeping the heat outside in summer and inside in winter. Another feature of the house are our special antiquarian ceilings in almost all of the rooms.

The first floor is divided into four large rooms: to the far left a workshop with it's own door, then a library which offers some German books and a possibility to relax, after that a room with a wonderfull fireplace, a nice couch and a comfortable relaxing seat, at the far right our big kitchen including dining room with the door leading to the terrace with palms and oleander.

The beautiful entry is shadowed by the large balcony on which lead two of the three bedrooms as well as the bathroom door.



Can you imagine sitting under a beautiful fid tree shadowing part of our terrace? In the summer you can even pick delicious fruits by hand. Below this terrace, there is another little terrace directly in the vineyard.



The rooms for the equipment of the winery are located in the east wing of our cascina.

On the second floor you find our three individually furnished bedrooms, a large bathroom with a boiler, bathing tub and shower and the already mentioned balcony.



Our house is equiped with the best infrastructures, own and public water supplies, electricity, connection to public gas, gasheater in every room, comfortable drive way and connection to public streets ( bus stop ca. 500 meter ).



We have mixed modern italian designer with old traditional furniture which points out our house's charisma.

The three bedrooms for six persons max. are furnished with excellent beds. Two of them with beds 160 x 200cm - the other one with a big bed of 200 x 200cm.



The kitchen is the heart of our home and has a door leading outside to the terrace. Equipment consists out of: two gas stove fields, an electric oven, a dish washer, two refrigerators and electrical cooking machines. Glasses, kitchenware, simply everything a keen cook needs is available. You will find a washing machine and a dryer, too.

Two 200-year-old massif cherry tree tables with typical old "trattoria" chairs form the centre of our kitchen.



Our Piedmont is a composition of beautiful fascinating landscape, excellent wine and unbelievable good food combined with extraordinary atmosphere.



We hope you have enjoyed the short insight into our Piedmont and thank you very much for your interest.

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